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Animal sponsorships help us to provide food, housing and veterinary care for our animals. It makes a great holiday or birthday gift, Scout or classroom project, or just as a way to support your favorite Tanglewood animal! For a list of animals available to sponsor, and more information: Animal Adoption Brochure 2024.pdf




Sarah Vallely - Hank the Hawk

Fortier Family - Sophie the Great Horned Owl

In Memory of Katherine Mekos - Sophie the Great Horned Owl

Jack Newman - Wiggle the Hedgehog

J. Quinn - Gillz the Axolotl

Angus Smart - Pedro the Bearded Dragon

Rory Smart - Cucumber the Red Footed Tortoise

Ewan Smart - Topo the Map Turtle

Hazel Urban - Fluffy the Ball Python

Robert Seymour - Furby the Ferret

Gavin and Owen Hodge and Lincoln Carswell - Ollie the Barred Owl

In memory of Ellen Hyland - The Butterfly Garden




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