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Tanglewood Program Pricing 2022.pdf


Program Here (1 ½ hrs.):                    $90.00 (for up to 20, $4.50 ea. additional)

Program There (45 min.):                   $100.00 (for up to 20, $5.00ea. additional)

Assembly There (45 min.):                 $250.00 (minimum 75 children,$3.00 each additional)


Pre-recorded Program for Purchase $80.00

(30-35 minute program)

Virtual Live Program (45min-1hr.) $90.00


Scout Program Here (1 ½ hrs.):          $70.00 (for up to 10 kids, $4.00 ea. additional)

Scout Program There (45 min.):         $80.00 (for up to 20, $4.00 ea. additional)


Libraries Only There:              $80.00 (flat rate)

(40 min.)

  •  Any after hours and Saturday programs will have an additional $35.00 added to regular price!
  • Mileage charges added for any programs more than 30 miles (roundtrip- 15 miles each way) from Tanglewood.

- 1st 30 miles to/from Tanglewood- Free

- 16-50 miles extra- $25.00

- 51-70 miles extra- $50.00

- 71-120 miles extra- $75.00

- Beyond 121 miles- TBD at time of reservation

Parents/Chaperones always welcome and always FREE!

Invoicing and Payments:  You will be invoiced once the program has been completed.  You may pay with credit card, cash, check or in person. Billing inquiries can be addressed to  Deanna at (607) 732-6060 or email tanglewoodoffmgr@outlook.com.

Program contacts: Please have alternate dates and times available when calling! Spring is our busiest season, so booking early is to your advantage.

Schedule a School Program:
Please call Elaine, our Executive Director, at (607) 732-6060 ex. 101 or email tanglewooddirector@outlook.com

Schedule a Scout Program:
Please call Ian, our Naturalist, at (607) 732-6060 ex. 104 or email him: tanglewoodnaturalist@gmail.com

Schedule a Team-Building Program: 
Please call Deanna, our Office Manager, at (607) 732-6060 or email tanglewoodoffmgr@outlook.com

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