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Team Building at Tanglewood

For adults, we also offer a team building program. This three-hour program includes a warm welcome and introduction from Tanglewood, a 90-minute quest around our nature center and trails, and reflection after the quest. The quest (the "Great Tanglewood Adventure Race," aka GTAR) will include short hikes to different stations – groups should be ready to hike 10-20 minutes on unpaved trails across field and forest – as well as cooperative challenges, artistic creations, and close encounters with our animal ambassadors. At the end of the GTAR, each mini-team will have time to reflect on what was the biggest challenge for them, as well has what was the most fun! The GTAR does not emphasize “winning,” but instead, it provides a series of varied challenges that will encourage your team to step outside of their day-to-day roles and see each other’s skills and interests in a new light. View our brochure for more information Team Building Brochure.pdf . To schedule a team building program, please email Deanna at tanglewoodoffmgr@outlook.com.

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